Radosław Bachmiński

Radosław Bachmiński

Radosław Bachmiński
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Codzienna dawka czarnego humoru - strona 11291 - Sadistic.pl

tasksforsubsandslaves: With the ring gag holding her mouth open she couldn’t take, just make the odd grunting sound. Her owner had had enough of her sobbing and begging and had decided to turn her mouth into a third hole, permanently open for use.

Codzienna dawka czarnego humoru - strona 11219 - Sadistic.pl

Poland for beginners - mangled "English" names of Polish towns. My faves are "Bee a Poodle, Ask Her!" for Biala Podlaska and "Sucker Panel" for Zakopane.

Zdrowych i wesołych :) - Sadistic.pl

Zdrowych i wesołych :) - Sadistic.

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Horrific sequences of innocent creatures in agony, being tortured and mutilated, forms of terrifying demons with contorted faces and twisted features loomed .

Marzenie każdego męża z wieloletnim stażem.

His agitated, jerky movements as he silences her with a smooth flick of his wrist.To her expression which I guarantee ended in an eye roll. This is a very cute GIF.