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This is what I love about small home, COLOR really pops!

I like this is the type of greenhouse.  It's just the write size to take care of the job of keeping the seeds warm.  It would also be helpful to keep my kids and dog out of my plantings.

A greenhouse just in time for Spring

A new addition to my workshop! We completed the greenhouse seedling boxes this weekend, just in time for Spring... ... but with snowflakes fluttering in the wind and the cold temps, we were reminded it is still winter here. I was hoping for more of the white stuff to keep falling, but to no avail this weekend. It is so pretty when everything is freshly covered in snow and it makes the cold weather worth it! This is a pic of our place after a snow in 2009! You have to admit, it is pretty…

tiny houses | Build Your Dreamed Tiny House Floor Plans: Tiny House Floor Plans With ...

Tiny House Floor Plans With Wood Table » Build Your Dreamed Tiny House Floor Plans

: Build Your Dreamed Tiny House Floor Plans s

Man Builds Modern 210 Sq. Ft. Tiny Home: Minim Home Photo  Kitchen: a 10 foot wide galley affords room for 2 cooks in the kitchen. It’s designed to accommodate a 7.1 cubic foot refrigerator under the counter, or has adequate room for a fuller size fridge to either side of the kitchen window. Kitchen wall space can accomodate mason jar racks with 50+ quart jars.  An in-counter cooktop saves space by hiding under a cutting board.

He Designed And Built A Modern 210 Sq. Ft. Tiny Home: Minim Home

When Brian Levy set himself out to design a tiny house he wanted to create something that was comfortable long-term, sustainable for the environment yet still stylish, and he didn't want to compromise anywhere. He

*Love* this little house.  Small but family sized, open layout would allow for keeping an eye on the kids, + easy entertaining & a long dining table!

HAMRA / DinellJohansson

Completed in 2010 in Gotland Municipality, Sweden. Images by Elisabeth Toll. The brief came out of the very limited budget: a house as simple as possible. Equally simple as the barn we wanted to convert to a summer dwelling,...

The name of all this "Hostel" is U Ulitki. "Size 37 x 15 x 21 cm. It is a painstaking and accurate work! At the same time - the charm and ma...

10 Amazing Doll Houses - amazing doll, doll houses - Oddee

The name of all this "Hostel" is U Ulitki. "Size 37 x 15 x 21 cm. It is a painstaking and accurate work! At the same time - the charm and ma...

15 beautiful real-life Hobbit Holes -- while there are many lovely full-sized homes represented in this article, I couldn't resist using this photo of a magical subterranean PLAYHOUSE for the cover. Enjoy!

Hobbit Houses: 15 Grassy Hill-Shaped Dwellings - WebEcoist

“In a hole in a ground lived a hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing to sit on or eat: It was a hobbit hole and that means comfort.” This line by J.R.R. Tolkien, author of the beloved The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings fantasy

tiny house by EMTI (so many great tiny houses on this link!)

tiny house

tiny house by EMTI on Indulgy.com

... I would paint all the rooms the most gorgeous colors, never worrying about resale value!  I'd also plant flower gardens everywhere, with lots of bird baths and hummingbird feeders. BTW, I adore the window on the bottom right! (Tiny house in Eureka Springs, AR.0

Tiny-Ass Apartment

Tiny-Ass Apartment is an interior design blog that focuses on small-space living, especially for those renters whose budgets are as limited as their space! With an emphasis on affordable and non-security-deposit-losing solutions to both practical and design challenges, TAA offers tips and inspiration to make any small apartment into a fabulous home.

Stackable Dresser Drawers: Great for Small Spaces Maybe build them in different size for my tiny house.

Stackable Dresser Drawers: Great for Small Spaces - Tiny House Pins

Image: Chigo These dresser drawers are designed by a Japanese company named Chigo. Good luck getting them here in the USA- or anywhere else for

Love this - as I am going to keep my 'full size' apartment size oven and stove.  I will take some flack....some would consider it a space killer, but I WANT it :)

Tiny Houses:Small Spaces

Tiny Kitchen

A-frame house in the woods

Top 6 A-Frame Tiny Houses

I'm not sure about you but I've always had this attraction to A-frame houses. I'm not sure if that's because my name starts with an A (Alex) but I think it's also because they're so

In the long run, something like this as a teeny tiny guesthouse could be good. Also super-cute, and surrounded by windows. Adorable!

Two homes with mobile-origins and beachy interiors — even when they sit in the snow | Offbeat Home & Life

An old caboose becomes a new white-interior one-person home, and a Canadian couple builds the cutest clapboard caravan this side of The Hamptons.

Tiny house tips to make your cozy li’l place feel bigger. | 17 Life-Changing Things You'll Learn From The BuzzFeed DIY Newsletter

Tiny house tips to make your cozy li’l place feel bigger.

Floor-to-ceiling storage is key.