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Velo Marathon

This is a brilliant print ad for the Velo Marathon. The design and message is very creative with a simple and elegant look. In the ad, the city is on the gear of a bike, being moved by the biker.

Borderlands 2 Designs So Good You'll Shoot Things To Get Them

Indonesian artist who you might have seen here once or twice before, has more game-related design goodness to share, this time with a range of Borderlands pieces.

The Hipster Logo Design Guide! lol @Blair R R Percle @Sarah Chintomby Chintomby Gonzalez @Season Weaver Weaver Vining

Six easy steps. No concept necessary! "The Hipster Logo Design Guide" by San Francisco-based designer Tim Delger is described as "a handy guide for creating an artisanal logo." Prints are available.

venus of cupertino ipad stand

Venus of Cupertino by artist/designer Scott Eaton - the goddess of the Technology Age - this iPad docking station is hand-cast and fully functional - beautiful genius!


Funny pictures about Awesome t-shirt designs. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome t-shirt designs. Also, Awesome t-shirt designs photos.

Body proportions in art

Artists have known for centuries that the average human adult body is made from parts that are in proportion to each other in predictable ways. If you draw your figures according to these ratios, your finished work will look more natural.