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Francesca Vargas
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Oscypek. If you have never eaten this cheese... you must taste it. It is quite salty but delicious cheese made of sheep milk that comes from Podhale.

Oštiepok = údený syr Smoked artisan cheese from Slovakia Oscypek - is a smoked cheese made of salted sheep milk exclusively in the Tatra Mountains region of Poland

Mein Gott. I hate physics. But i love Prussia. What's wrong with me?

Given the scientific and mathematical history of Germanics, yes. Now i appreciate him more same like I appreciate Zen and Yoosung.

Me at school. (Btw it's going to be my next wallpaper)

Anime: where all the main guys are hot, n where true love happens every time<<<<<in fuking laughing. DMMd is almost the opposite of this description, if you pick a wrong choice you get punished. But yeah, hot boys.