At SOLIDEA Group we are very keen to follow the "Fracking Industry" in Poland because our PowerCan® 200 can easily replace Diesel generation sets employed for gas exploitation. Exchanging Diesel for biomass means less wealth is exported for the benefit of the Polish local economy

We are creating pure Synthesis Gas in small gasification units, using wood-chips we are the owners and developers of the PowerCan®200

We are very keen to protect our environment at SOLIDEA Group. After WWII thousands of tons of Chemical Weapons were dumped in the Baltic and North Sea. GlidArc technology from PowerCan® 200 is the most efficient technology for the safe disposal of SARIN and VX armaments. PowerCan® 200 will be developed for the safe sacrifice of all kinds of ordnance in future to protect the environment.

We turn wood-chip into Synthesis Gas at PowerCan® 200. Wood-chip is everywhere we can produce all the wood-chip we need by cleaning up our forests. Good grooming in the forest makes our forest more efficient. If we make our forests more efficient we will improve conditions for biodiversity and offset more CO2 than any PV farms

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