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“I hate that when you google search veronica it's the riverdale version UGH I only care for the comic version”

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B and V Fashions: Photo

I'm just a woman who was once a little girl who consumed Archie comics in all forms by the ton. I still buy them when I need a pick-me-up or want to lay in the bath and waste some time. I collect vintage clothing, records and kitsch and what's stuck with me through all the years of my love for Archie comics (aside from wishing Jughead was my bff) is Betty and Veronica's wardrobe. Lost Panels: Lost Panels a new Tumblr dedicated to odd comic panels Of Good and Evil: In the Garden

The Crazy Betty/Villainous Veronica Thread! - Page 4

Combining three threads that were here before the server purge destroyed everything of value.As you know, back then, we had a Crazy Betty thread that showed moments on how kaka-cuckoo Betty went, from trying to kill poor Archie, to swinging a pickax at Reggie to going wild by snacking on food after the cancelation of a swim meet she was training for. And, there was a Best and Worst of Veronica to go with it.

Veronica Lodge

Fun Fact: The already wealthy Veronica married the president of Delta Airlines in 1950, the president of Chevron in 1956, and the president of Argentina in 1961.

B and V Fashions: Photo