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Lard on bread. Italy

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Farminista - Lard Scoop

File name: 10_03_000188a Binder label: Meat Title: Use N. K. Fairbank & Co.'s celebrated lard. This hog was fat behind, sir, This hog was fat before, this hog was ten yard round, sir, indeed he was no more, no more no more. This hog was ten yards rou I will be following your Pins, I really like them Check

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Spiced Pear, Gorgonzola, & Toasted Walnut Pie In A Buttermilk Leaf Lard Crust
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Local Milk Blog - The Art of Slow Living | Travel Tips | Seasonal Recipes | Food Photography

A southern riff on a Sicilian classic, these crispy, creamy rice balls are an addictive crowd pleaser and child approved. This recipe makes enough risotto to serve 4-6 people. I recommend cooking it for dinner and then using the leftovers for arancini the next day as the risotto is way too good to just be made for arancini (though of course you can!) If you’ll be serving 4-6 you can double the batch to have plenty of leftovers. I like to make as many as I can and freeze them to keep on hand…

Bake a Lard Crusted Apple Pie
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Fudge Cake recipe from Grit Magazine made with lard
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funny Lard art

funny Lard art

Lard Focaccia
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Lard Focaccia Recipe

Why would you want to make lard focaccia? If you want your focaccia to taste like lard, of course. As an added bonus, as the focaccia bakes your entire house will smell like lard, though you can also use duck fat or mix in a little bacon fat if you'd prefer something with a smoky flavor.

buttermilk pie in a cornmeal & lard crust

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buttermilk pie in a cornmeal & lard crust

Praise the Lard!

Praise the Lard!

1911 Ad Armour Simon Pure Leaf Lard Shortening Desserts
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1911 Ad Armour Simon Pure Leaf Lard Shortening Desserts - ORIGINAL ADVERTISING

1911 Ad Armour Simon Pure Leaf Lard Shortening Desserts

How to Make Lard & Tallow

How to Make Lard & Tallow

Turning solid animal fat into liquid oil is EASY! Melting animal fat is called rendering. The techniques I’ll show you can be used with pigs (lard), cows (suet/tallow), bear, sheep, goat, goo…

Exponential fabulousness:  a work on sculpting with fat. And lard.

Art Made of Fat: Boneless Sculpture in a Boney World

JF Ptak Science Books Post 100 [See also my latest post on fat: Fat Redux, 1920's Fat Quack Cures]. In the world of found-book-objects, few I think are as deeply removed and as deeply obscure as the work by Otto...

Naphey's Philadelphia Leaf Lard

Naphey's Philadelphia Leaf Lard | Sheaff