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The Zen Guide to Bike Commuting

You have a road bike. Now, it's time to start bike commuting. Here's an infographic on helpful tips to keep you on the road commuting.

carrier with rain gear - rear by Bolder Bikepacking Gear, via Flickr

Surley Krampus 2013 29er Lighter and less fat than Pugsley

Bike Touring with the Surly ECR: 1,000 km Impressions + Build Specs

A bikepacking gear list assembled for the unremitting ascents and knuckle-bleaching descents on the trails in the Appalachian wilderness...

The Bikepacking Essentials of 2015

The Bikepacking Essentials of 2015 | Outside Online

カスタムメイドのバイクパック・ブランドPorcelain Rocketが日本上陸

Surly bicycle loaded with Porcelain Rocket bike bags // Frame, seat, handlebar, accessory, big dummy packs

Surly ECR » Bikepack mode