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a film reel on the ground with pictures taped to it's sides and attached to a ribbon
fianceebodas on Twitter
room inspo- @sydneyshereck
a greeting card with conversation bubbles on it
Simon Says Stamp "You Have My Heart" Release Blog Hop and Giveaway!
a christmas card that says wishing you a merry christmas with stockings and bells on it
Deck the Halls with Inky Paws - Day 3 - Jessica Esch
a pen sitting next to a christmas card on top of a table
Pacchetti di Natale creativi - Matrimonio a Bologna Blog
some paper animals and other items on a wooden table
Des chiens pour un anniversaire !
someone is holding an mp3 player with the caption so i've been seeing the spotty picture frames all over tiktok and had an idea
TikTok · Kelsey Olivera
a cd with words written on it in black and white ink that reads, i really love you but i'm not god
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