Marta Skowrońska

Marta Skowrońska

Marta Skowrońska
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I'd like a trellis like this for my beans. . .

Do you grow cucumbers on a trellis or let them sprawl on the ground? Even if you have lots of room in your garden and are not trying to "Square Foot Garden," there are a number of reasons to grow cucumbers up instead of out:awesome idea!

why haven't I heard of these things?? So good to know for my tomatoes

why haven't I heard of these things? So good to know for my tomatoes. 3 things you need to know about growing tomatoes that nobody ever tells you

more raised beds

For along side the garage and house! Container garden-Note the wall of food gardening, the tomatoes are on the trellis. Use indeterminate tomatoes for the trellis because they are the ones that grow large.