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Michał Kucharski

Michał Kucharski
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Not mine, this belongs to Thanshuhai blah blah EA and DICE thing kthxbai

Commission at FA This is the last full-body on my current batch. I& open up a new batch next year working along with my headshot commissions. I am going to take a little bre.

Furry Art, Wild Things, Electric, Wolf, Hero

You die beautifully by TheShadowedGrim

Edit: I sold this design as a custom devil dog for Can finally draw digitally again ; So this is the first thing I draw xD I know the. You die beautifully

Types Of Fire Extinguishers And What They Do

Having a fire extinguisher is important. But having the right fire extinguisher could save your life. Here’s what you need to know to ensure you're properly protected from a fire.