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LIGHT Book design by Władysław Pluta 56 pages. Artists of all eras have succumbed to the magic of light. Their various fascinations with the effects of light have been preserved in many works of art. The photographs in this album illustrate this truth. Their creators attempt to capture fleeting moments, the colors and shapes conjured by natural light, or theway artificial light gives a city's historic buildings an entirely different aspect. In his introduction, Professor Wiktor Zin probes…

Wiktor Zin wies na podlasiu

▶ Profesor WIKTOR ZIN . Krucyfiks Wita Stwosza.- Fragment wykładu. - YouTube

wiktor_zin_001.jpg 390×319 pikseli

"Tygodnie zdumienia" Roman Bratny Cover by Wiktor Zin Published by Wydawnictwo Iskry 1971

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