Our laser projection virtual keyboard transforms a flat surface into an instant work station.

Skarby pod klawiaturą

How to Fake a Clean House The Home Office * Stash stray office supplies, like pencils and pens, in decorative stationery boxes or filing containers on your desk. * Temporarily hide wayward Post-it notes and to-do lists underneath the keyboard.

kreatywne nożyczki

kreatywne nożyczki


To know more about Kikkerland The Poodle USB Hub, visit Sumally, a social network that gathers together all the wanted things in the world! Featuring over 427 other Kikkerland items too!

Tak sprzątamy w Firmowym porządku

This waste-basketball would definitely help keep your trash off the floor. From Hardware Sphere- Such a fun idea

hand pen holder - The Hand Pen Holder is another everyday item with a creative twist by mega-retailer Urban Outfitters. This heavyweight pen holder doubles as a pape.

Micro Cool Mini Fridge - this fridge at work would be epic. No more putting things in the "community fridge." Micro Cool Mini Fridge - this fridge at work would be epic. No more putting things in the "community fridge.

"The humorous Kastor beaver-shaped pencil sharpener ravenously ingests pencils and doubles as a paper weight. The chrome-plated sharpener was created by Columbian designer Rodrigo Torres for Italian houseware company Alessi." It's sad I want this

Back to school will be more fun if you have a new pencil place. You can make your own DIY pencil case. You do not have to buy in the store to get it.

nietypowe spinacze

nietypowe spinacze

Dbamy o kondycję w biurze

We're an office that's trying to be healthy and stay fit. This Stamina Elliptical Trainer, for exercise at your desk, sounds like a brilliant idea. Not sure how well it will work.

Lunch w pracy

Totally unnecessary food inventions: The Keyboard PlateYoooooo. Not going to hate on anyone who needs to up their pizza/keyboard game but having the keys that far apart seems ergonomically incorrect.