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many different faces and expressions for the same person in this photo, including one with an open mouth
Solid 5 rn
a group of people posing for a photo in front of a billboard
an image of a cartoon character sitting on top of a horse with the caption, pelepe blossom in season 2
a man and woman standing next to each other with the caption archie and veronica 2009
Riverdale Memes (Book 1) - 9.3
the cast of cartoon movies and tv shows
two people are taking a selfie in the mirror
an image of the same character in disney's movie
Hey there, Juliet: Photo
a group of people sitting next to each other in front of a computer screen with the caption looking at my grads like
Riverdale Memes (Book 3) - 19.0
two different pictures of the same person kissing each other and one has her hand on her face