summer 2024

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two women walking down a dirt road with their arms in the air and one holding her hands up
sliced strawberries covered in sugar and sprinkles
the sun shines brightly in front of a garden with flowers and plants on it
~ lily evans
a boy laying on top of a hay bale in the middle of a field
Summer 2023
oranges cut in half sitting on top of each other
the dandelions are blowing in the wind
make a wish
two people walking down a dirt road with trees in the background and bushes on either side
summer breeze, frills, farmer’s daughter aesthetic, enya umanzor, cowboy boots, cowgirl aes, lemon pitchers, salty air, fresh fruits, mangoes, white, coquette, denim, bread and jam, baskets, dark coquette, ribbons, baked goods
the sun is shining brightly in the sky above some trees and bushes, while someone holds their hand out to touch it
a woman sitting at a table with food in front of her
summertime film
a piece of watermelon with a spoon stuck in it
a person holding up a shell in front of the ocean
there is a woman with very long hair
Cool Girl