Flanela Ashleya

Flanela Ashleya

Fuck you... Or if you're band member then fuck me
Flanela Ashleya
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Dun Dun

I'm Josh Dun. My best friend is Tyler Hale. Yes my other best friend is Tyler Joesph." I glance down. "I have feelings for Tyler H.

Brendon Urie

{Brendon Urie} The March Hare is the Hatter's crazy "side-kick" but ever since the Hatter became a prisoner, the Hare has become less crazy and more like every person you'd meet in wonderland.

This is, of course, assuming you can draw...

Creative Decoration: 46 Icons for your Bullet Journal. Bujo illustration Planner Spread drawing give your bullet journal weeklies, dailies and monthlies some pizzazz