Our service allows you to check car's history thanks to VIN number. Among all things you can obtain photos from previous vehicle's collisions.

Więcej pomysłów od użytkownika ASDIRECT

From the series "ideal" to check.....

Seller informs that the car is in perfect visual and technical condition and guarantees mileage. We suspect that it's not easy to explain why is it only 17k km for the four years old car with diesel engine. Fortunately the new chassis paint covered the company logo, because it would have been even more difficult :) What's more we all know that it's not a proper thing to sale a damaged car :)

Seller seems to be confident of this car because he suggested vehicle inspection on authorized station. We would definitely consider this suggestion, because it's one of those cars that should be carefully checked before buying :)

Once again it turns out that it's worth to gather as much data as possible if we want to understand the condition of the car we are dealing with. Current state of the car may be not useful to understand it's history.

Car presented today hasn't changed so dramatically as some others showed in the past. It was only "refreshed" by the seller. We guess that he wanted his car to deserve the honor to be called "beautiful audi" :)

History of this car is difficult to understand. Are we dealing with a full package, i.e. engine tuning, interior and exterior restoration?:)

Another example of a car imported from the USA. According to seller it's in very good technical conditions, although it was seriously damaged in the past. Yet we know it's a matter of individual assessment :)

Being supporters of the vehicle history knowledge, we present another case. This time there is a facelifted BMW which has passed much more than we may think. Feel free to comment!

Seller states that the car is in "perfect condition". In this particular case it's quite risky to make such a bold statement though. Nevertheless we encourage you, as always, to share your opinion :)

As usual seller informs us about car's safety features. We are not sure if in this particular case information about six available airbags is not misleading for safety concerned customers.