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Audrey Toulle
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emotionally: i'm in pain. mentally: i'm depressed. spirtually: i'm stressed. physcailly: i smile

Depression Grief Sadness Suicidal overwhelmed alone hopeless anxiety insomnia heartbroken broken heart suicide relationship mentally emotional pain

Honestly the best description I've ever stumbled upon

3 things to know about me. I guess I could say I've dealt with depression in my life and it is a struggle to actually know the feeling and what it truly can do to you. I know for a fact THINGS DO GET BETTER

#depression the one suffering wants support, understanding and validation. D. Penta MD

sad thing is now that im struggling with it.the people that i was were my closest friends stabbed me in the back and betrayed me.great to know i have no true friends.what a great thing to do to a depressed suicidal girl

Photo by wuotes sad quotes :'( when a girl says "im fine" its the total opposite!

:'( when a girl says "im fine" its the total opposite! you want to portray women as victims and totally weak individuals? When I say I'm fine. I'm fine.

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I ask this question about a thousand times a day, if I was gone who would truly care?