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a wooden frame with squares and rectangles on the sides, measurements for each piece
Chinese antiques furniture, decor and gift. 10,000+ open 7 day
Chinese Elm Wood Geometric Pattern Rectangular Panel - Golden Lotus Antiques
an intricate wooden panel with white squares on it
Lightsmith Grilles
Pinecrest, Inc. - Lightsmith Grilles
a square metal frame with squares and rectangles on it's sides, set against a white background
Lightsmith Grilles
unframed grilles for door side windows -
a tall wooden structure with metal bars on the front and sides, against a white background
costruzioni per l'architettura
Michele Reginaldi CA-004
a wall made up of metal squares and bars
Ультрасовременные апартаменты в Сан-Паулу, Бразилия — HQROOM
a black and white photo of a building with metal bars on the front, and an image of a bench in the back