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Yuudachi~Kancolle by Amagami

Kantai Collection Crossover Tokyo Ghoul Yuudachi (Kantai Collection)

blonde hair earrings eyepatch gradient hair grey background hair flaps hair ornament hair ribbon hairclip jewelry kantai collection mask multicolored hair pale skin pink hair red eyes ribbon shisei (kyuushoku banchou) teeth tokyo ghoul two-tone hair

Pretty Anime Girl, Kawaii Girl, Anime Girls, Yuri, Beautiful Anime Girl

Medium, Collection, Anime, Fashion Styles, Medium Length Hairstyles, Anime Shows

Wallpapers, Anime, Wall Papers, Tapestries, Anime Shows, Backgrounds, Wall Decal, Wallpaper

I post adorable anime girls. Also, vanilla theme because there's too many friggin complicated themes and I have no idea how to navigate around them.

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Black Feathers, Dress Black, White Dress, Anime Art, Pose Reference, White Sundress, White Dress Outfit