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Rowan and Aelin or Rhysand and Feyre I SHIP  TOGS ACOTAR

Poor Rowan and Aelin. Sarah you're so cruel. 😂 That's the truly fantastical part of the story, forget the dragons, witches and magic! He's going to rip that nightgown to shreds just DO IT ROWAN!

From Left to Right - Katsa, Lady Fire, Bitterblue.   I think I would take a slightly different approach to katsa's appearance but it's still a cool picture (:

This drawing makes me think of Jack, Snowflake, and Shade (from left to right), except that Snowflake would be shorter + younger-looking and with a half-cape and shorter hair, and all three are missing staffs.--- no it's Katsa Fire and Bitterblue