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charliebowater: “ Fresh work in progress! This was part of my demo down at Industry Workshops this past weekend (which was so fun) and now that I’m home, I’m hoping to get this finished up soon.

Rowan - Holy gods this is perfect.

rowaelin-feysand: “rowaelin-superwho: “mor-rigan: “snowandpine: “ cocotingo: “ Rowan, at last! So many of you asked for a picture of him I lost count. I honestly had so much fun working on his.

Aelin Ashryver Galathynius

Phoenix (better Name comes later) A old Clanmate of Luna, from olden times. With her, experiments had also been made, which had caused her to heat her body to an extreme heat, and more.

Feysand ❤️

fireheart-cursebreaker: “ pojainter: “ Rhys and Feyre sketch because I’m a soppy piece of shit and don’t know if I can wait until next year for the next book to come out. Yes I will be painting this. Yes I spent my.

Rowan and Aelin or Rhysand and Feyre I SHIP  TOGS ACOTAR

Poor Rowan and Aelin. Sarah you're so cruel. 😂 That's the truly fantastical part of the story, forget the dragons, witches and magic! He's going to rip that nightgown to shreds just DO IT ROWAN!