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I love this dark blue @essiepolish bobbing for baubles & @chinaglazeofficial I'm not lion Ig : melcisme tiny triangle studs from @inthenailroom

We love this dark blue, glittering gold and nude nail design featuring a triangle pattern incorporating al 3 colours on the accent nail by Melcisme

Lacquer: The Best Medicine!: Delicate Snowflake Mani | See more nail designs at

Lacquer: The Best Medicine!: Delicate Snowflake Mani I think this is super cute

Nail Art

heart, polka dots and pink nail polish

banicured_ st patrick's day #nail #nails #nailart

banicured_ st patrick's day Perfect nails for my birthday  #getinfected

>cute nails including purple, silver glitter and white striped with purple hearts

What makes your soul happy? Do you know? Has it changed? Go find out and do it. What if our entire purpose is to actually do what makes our souls happy...

Take time to do what makes your soul happy.tapping into that part of you will nourish all other aspects of your life. Take the time. Revel in that time. And remember that time when not able to take that time ;D

Why hurt me...

weKOSH Quotes / hurt me with the truth but never comfort me with a lie

Great for water color painting or tattoo!

Wolf // Persevere Art Print by Amy Hamilton / (wolf,art,grey,grey wolf)

Great color palette, great photo manipulation of the thunderbolt fading into the lion, and love the spacing of the hairs in the mane to give a fluid motion to the piece.

Thunder Lion + Illustration It's like Harry Potter/ Narnia. Love the incorporation of the lion into a symbol. what about a wave?

Winter nail art in red

Another great find on Red Snowflake Nail Wrap - Set of Two by So Gloss Nail Wraps