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A Chart of The Doctors and His Companions  (2 and 11 are very similar--bowties are cool)

A Brief History of Doctor Who Doctors and Companions <--To nerd out over when I'm not too sick to read tiny things. <--- it's funny as the show gets older the doctor seems to get younger.

Impossible girl.

If River was born to kill the Doctor and saved him instead. And Clara was born to save the Doctor. Does that mean that she is how the Twelfth Doctor is going die and regenerate?

*sobs quietly*

Human ten has bad dreams about the tenth doctors regeneration. He grasps back to reality when he realizes he hasn't lost rose. This is so sad:(

#Doctor Who OT3

Can I just point out the Face of Boe can't (logically) be Jack? FoB doesn't flirt with the *cat lady nurse nuns*. Jack totally would, it's his *thing*. And stays dead. Ergo, Jack cannot be the Face of Boe.

Tumblr I love you so...

The Doctor knows his Earth culture references. Doctor who quotes Alice in wonderland, Harry Potter, and the lion king

Nine fell in love with Rose fast and hard. But he knew in the end it would break his hearts.

Nine fell in love with Rose fast and fell hard. He didnt mean too Rose just surprised him. But I think he knew in the end it would break his heart(s)

The Snowmen

New Doctor Who promo shot from "The Snowmen", the 2012 Christmas Special.he wears a top hat now, top hats are cool.

The Snowmen

The countdown to the Doctor Who Christmas episode continues and, with each day, we get more to tide us over/make us insane from the waiting. But take heart, young Whovians, for today the BBC has brought us a whopping 44 new images from the episode.