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Joanna Panasiuk

Joanna Panasiuk
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Witam się w 2017 roku plakatami do druku

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I have met so many beautiful souls in my life. The most beautiful souls are the ones that have known struggle, defeat, suffering and loss but have found their way out. You are beautiful souls! Have a wonderful Thursday!

Beautiful color

caramel hair color makes a beautiful lowlight choice for blondes and highlight choice for stunning light caramel hair colors like honey blonde , soft balayage, ombre with different highlights ideas for

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Top 100 Inspirational Rumi Quotes: Click image to discover the 100 greatest Rumi quotations on love, life and transformation.

Our death is our wedding with Eternity. - Rumi

The light of our creative connection to source is our most precious gift to the world because it unites, heals, and uplifts everyone it reaches.