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Jan Matejko - Stańczyk 1862 • Stańczyk was the court jester when Poland was at the height of its political, economic and cultural power in Renaissance, during the reign of King Sigismund I (reigned 1506–1548). The full title of the painting is: Stańczyk during a ball at the court of Queen Bona in the face of the loss of Smolensk).

Stańczyk by Jan Matejko The jester is the only person at a 1514 royal ball troubled by the news that the Russians have captured Smolensk.

Battle of Gruwald - Jan Matejko

Oil painting reproduction: Jan Matejko Battle Of Grunwald 1878

Jan Matejko - The Fall of Poland (1866).

Jan Matejko “Rejtan - upadek Polski” - “Rejtan - the Fall of Poland” Tadeusz Rejtan was a deputy in the Sejm (parliament) of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in infamously known as the Partition Sejm (convened by the Russian Empire, Prussia.

jan-matejko-sluby-jana-kazimierza-1893-2013-11-12-920x577.jpg (920×577)

jan-matejko-sluby-jana-kazimierza-1893-2013-11-12-920x577.jpg (920×577)