Underwear drawer before & after. Amazing!

20 Bedroom Organization Tips To Make The Most Of A Small Space. Holly😊 note : this is great if you have a small room and you need to save space or if you just think it looks cool and maybe you could try DIY this cool before and after.

Could modge podge scrapbook paper on that matches your theme, like pink paper w/ a brown ribbon tied around.  Use Pink and brown utensils.  These could be used for any number of things – pen holder for any games, Larger cans for collecting the advice papers or any other papers from games

Yarn Baby

The Frosted Petticoat: Yarn Baby use scrap book paper to cover tin cans to match your party decor. - or use mason jars instead

Auto Organization

car/rv organizer - Two sets of the sugarSNAP Files, meant for your diaper bag. But look at how awesome this set-up is, the mesh bags hold everything you need in the car for road trips with little ones!

Mason jars and floating candles

Mason Jar centerpiece for wedding or outdoor party. Add candlelight to create a romantic atmosphere and mason jars will add a rustic touch. Fill jars with water.Tie a string to top of jar with a secure bow. Add floating long burning candle in each jar.


jak czytać oznaczenia na metkach - Niebałaganka na Stylowi.

Happyholic: organizacja

Porządki w szafie - porządki w głowie. Co roku gdy robi się Vitalia