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a boy and his dog are standing at the bottom of stairs in front of a staircase
a vase filled with flowers sitting on top of a wooden table next to a stair case
a stair case in a house with wood floors and blue painted steps leading up to the second floor
Parc Architecture | Extension d'une maison à Saint-Cloud
Parc Architecture | Extension d'une maison à Saint-Cloud
the stairs are painted blue and white with black trim on each handrail, along with matching carpeted flooring
a staircase with blue walls and pictures on the wall
a black and white poster with a cat holding a coffee cup
there is a staircase in the house with pictures on the wall above it and below it
No. 15 on Instagram: "This Hallway has taken a bit of love and attention, swipe for the before! When we've eventually got the bathroom done (Feb its starting!) we'll get the stair runner sorted... but at the moment with my ankle out of action, as nice as they look, they're actually causing me grief getting up and down on crutches!! 🦿🦵 I've got a few other bits to put up on the #gallerywall but Mr 15 is fed up of drilling into the solid brick (suspect our neighbours are too!🙈) Anyway, hope eve
the stairs in this house have been painted green and are lined with pictures on the wall