The beaches of East Africa are known for their exotic beauty. The beauty of these beaches is known and appreciated all over the world.


I want tgis as a tatoo! Beautiful pic from my home town, Palm Beach County, FL. Full moon rising over Jupiter Inlet Beach in Florida!

Astypalea island - Greece

the beautiful island of astypalia, i used to live here and own a bar, one of the most beautiful places, great times


Lighthouse on Mouro Island, Santander, Cantabria. (Photo by Oscar Pena.) // I want to be at the top of this at night in this storm.


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South Haven, Michigan - Photograph by Charlie Anderson. This was taken after the first winter storm in December. South Haven, Michigan.


i really do dream of a sea like this . minus the big frozen bit (Frozen Black Sea 9 via Louie Baur

Komu hamak?;)  Polinezja Francuska

Beach: The Maldives is an island in the Indian Ocean. A beach paradise and tropical island is covered in palm trees and pure white beaches surrounded by striking blue lagoons and wide open views of the sea🐚