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Hexagonal Glass Tables: Isom by Sebastian Scherer

German designer Sebastian Scherer has created a series of tables called Isom. The tables are made completely in sheets of blue, green, grey, and bronze glass, each with a hexagon-shaped top. Supported by three pieces of rectangular glass vertical pan

Sergio Aleman      Furniture Project - Viera

The Viera concept is a mat of cushioned equilateral triangles that fold to form multiple types of comfortable furniture.


The Sparkle Palace cocktail table by American artist John Foster provides a beautiful marriage between glass and light, inviting light to play an integral role in the space’s interior design.

V4 vases by Seung Yong Sung

Wire Vase - Designed by Seung Yong Song, this wire vase collection is a carefully calculated balance between different types of materials that contrast greatly.

Charlotte love: Pastel & Neon - 91 magazine

How to brighten your windowless office. 14 ideas for your workspace or home office. Office inspiration like adding pops of colors, using metallics and clear see-through accessories. For more office ideas, office furniture and desk decor go to Domino.