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Rwby: Qrow Branwen   Season 3 Chapter 3

Rwby: yea that's right fix your hair before you fight a girl, and than the fans will ship you together that's all you have to do fight someone of opposite genda that BAM! The fans ship you together

RWBY: Image Gallery | Know Your Meme

Although when puberty hit it was DAYUM. Even I'd do him, and this is coming from a pansexual guy.

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The newest episode of RWBY got all intense so I had to do some Yang fan art She's been my favorite of team RWBY ever since the Yellow trailer came out Check out the speedpaint of this piece here!

RWBY - Emerald<< I always thought that, besides the hair, she is the most beautiful girl in the show.

Tags: "dark skin" "green hair" "long hair" "red eyes" "twin tails" Source: "RWBY" Characters: "Emerald Sustrai" Artist: "so-bin"