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one of my all time favorite quotes - power of touch smile kind word listening ear honest compliment smallest act of caring potential to turn a life around leo buscaglia


That's oddly deep

Psychopath Vs Sociopath. I'm an actual psychopath. Not like the people saying "oooh im a psychopath I'm so edgy." I actually am.

Psychopath Vs Sociopath Infographic This really helped, like, I didn't even know the proper differences. And holy shit, I didn't even know hitler was a psychopath but it all makes sense now woah

Just as brave, and with just as important a duty. These women were tough.

Here's a Normandy beach landing photo they don't show you in textbooks. Brave women of the Red Cross arriving in 1944 to help the injured troops.

Music can make things so much better, even if your day, week, month, or year has been a tough one. Here's an encouraging playlist to get you through the rough patches.

61 Songs That Say "Everything Will Be OK"

Everything will be ok playlist. This playlist will make you smile and remind you that whatever is going on, it too shall pass.

relationship tips :) - like the meanings but not the dumb warning thing at the bottom ....

Did anybody else think of Tobias(Theo James) and Tris(Shailene Woodley) ? ----> oh my god that's creepy that I was thinking of tobias without trying!

8 things people decide within seconds of meeting you.

8 things people decide within seconds of meeting you

8 things people decide within seconds of meeting you - Business Insider

I always think I look better in the mirror!

What about Fear of water? Phobias: xenophobia definition is a bit simplistic; yes 'strangers' but also more towards the fear of foreigners. Usually, used socially and culturally than just 'strangers' but I digress.

I feel like this in the opposite way too. like for a second I’ll be just fine or neutral emotionally and then I’ll talk to someone and be super giddy and happy. it’s weiirrd

all of a sudden feeling nothing, disassociating

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Immagine di woman, love, and girl

This is absolutely one of my fav rape arguments

Essentially, if you use that analogy to excuse rape, you're saying you have less self control and fewer basic social manners than my two dogs. That also probably means you should be neutered and kept on a leash.

Glancing back at how far you've come is a great way to stay motivated to keep moving forward. Always improving always getting better. ------------------ As a survivor who has overcome a lot in my life I show women how to rediscover their self-worth and show up boldly and confidently. If you feel led to work together find me at (you can use the link in my bio).

I really like this quote, but I don't think this would truly take just one day. You'll have to fight for much longer, survive for much longer, persevere for much longer.