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make a model of the bone

The kids and I have decided to study the human body systems this year for our science lesson. We have been doing lots of learning about the.

Biology Illustrated Art Prints | Rachel Ignotofsky

I spotted one of Rachel Ignotofsky’s awesome, hand lettered and illustrated art prints recently and, for one of the first times since I got to play with hydrochloric acid in high school chemistry class, I was excited about science learnin’!

Lego biology. I'm buying this for me and Aiden!!! :D

Before he created his awesome LEGO anatomy sculpture, artist Jason Freeny made this fantastic Micro Schematic chart of the different anatomical systems inside your average little LEGO figure.

Model Plant Cell Division Meiosis

- Set of 16 Plant Cell Division models Mounted on Board. - Hand Painted with great detail - An entirely new designed model according to recent concept of chromosome changes from the resting nucleus to