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Slide inspiration - slide number included into a near ribbon at top.

Buy Awesome Spice-One Page Restaurant Theme by on ThemeForest. Awesome Spice-One Page Multipurpose Restaurant Theme Presenting the most exclusive “awesome spice-one page multipurp.

Absinthe by Stranger & Stranger – design elements carry onto the cork and neck

Package Design Absinthe by Stranger & Stranger – design elements carry onto the cork and neck

LETTERING  I want this painting on my harley  #typography #Fonts #type

Seven Deadly Sins T-Shirt A master-work of typography by Joby Cummings, wherein each of the seven deadly sins are woven into the unmistakable likeness of a skull. Also provides a great reference source for keeping track of how to avoid eternal damnation.

Vantage College Advisors corporate identity - by forbrands Agency.

"Vantage College Advisors help students become accepted into the best colleges & universities in the USA. We have helped VCA with the design of their brand

Ecommerce sales continue to soar. As a business owner, how do you make your first ecommerce sale? This infographic shows you how to make that first sale.

QUARZ 974 Light - Free Font This is a really interesting font that embodies today's modern obsession with older, "hip" styles mixed with the electric, modern style others are so associated with. This would look great on a flyer for a party, or on the front of an album cover for the popular music genre.

Today I wanted to share these two beautiful fonts I found. They are both simple, clean, modern and absolutely stunning! Razor Free Font by Jeff Schreiber. QUARZ 974 Light (free font) by Domenico Ruffo.