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Pismis 24 - NGC 6357 (x)

Pismis 24 - NGC 6357 (x)(I have multiple pins of this but it is just soooo amazing)

astronomy, outer space, space, universe, stars, planets, nebulas

everyday we live is soo magical itself. we just got soo used to it that we forgot how it is so unlikely to live in the first place. we call it magic until we find an explanation for it

Organize and Separate Fishing Hooks With Safety Pins

Use safety pins to keep the fishing hooks in your tackle box organized. I got tired of hooks getting mixed up, so now I use safety pins to keep them separated. Simply feed the point through the eye of the hooks. A lot of hooks fit on one pin, and it’s an

Summer Evening in North Carolina - Scenic and nature photography of the gardens and grounds of Highland Lake Inn, Flat Rock, North Carolina by Jim Crotty

Professional Photography by Jim Crotty serving Dayton, Ohio and the surrounding area. Award-winning fine art nature and landscape.