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Cityscape drawing
a woman is standing in front of some colorful columns and pillars with designs on them
Barcelona City Guide: 23 Places to See in Gaudi’s Birthplace
23 Amazing Places in Barcelona's Best Architecture City Guide | ArchDaily
an apartment building with many windows and balconies
an old brick building with arched windows and green shutters
Barcelona - Teodor Roviralta 005 d
an old building with a clock tower in the middle of it's garden area
El Capricho...
the entrance to an art museum is decorated with mirrors
Lucky Lou Shoes – luckyloushoes
Credit: Can Gomis (vestíbulo) Princesa, 16 - 18 Barcelona. Arquitecto: Miquel Garriga i Roca. #modernismo #barcelona #architecture #modernism #arquitectura #catalunya #modernisme #bcn #artnouveau #catalonia
many different types of windows and doors are shown in this collage with multiple images
many different doors and windows are shown together
an arched window with blue flowers painted on the side and below it is a bare tree
Barcelona - Rambla Catalunya 074 b 1c
Spectacular window - Barcelona - | Flickr - Photo Sharing!