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Art Kurasiński
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Mobile games

Little Games, Big Business - Mobile gaming has been on the rise for some time and is quickly becoming a GIGANTIC money maker for the gaming industry. This infographic details some of the badass numbers behind it!

What makes #Facebook #social #games so popular?

Top Social Games & Why They Are So Popular [ What a surprise: Mafia Wars is still in top 3 most popular, but doesn't place in user satisfaction.] FUN FACT: of internet users play social games.

#Infographic: Marketers' Use & Perceptions of #SocialMedia

According to marketers: Top 3 benefits of using social media - it's not all about immediate increased sales.

when should I post this - facebook strategy

La mejor hora para postear en FB y TW

top five industries to go #mobile

Restaurant Industry Is Leading the Pack in Mobile Adoption [INFOGRAPHIC] : Nice to see leading the way for other industries for a change.

polski e-commerce

The Size of the Mobile Market Comprehensive mobile infographic

E-Commerce w Polsce 2011 - infografika

E-commerce in Poland 2011

Don’t obey all rules. Go have fun instead | ONLY because we can.

Don’t obey all rules. Go have fun instead


Loft in San Francisco by Steven the beams!

fredrico valsassina architects

Love the Floating stairs! I'd personally fall on my *** but I still love it! Casa en Estoril / Frederico Valsassina Arquitectos - The Black Workshop