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Muzeum Katedralne na Wawelu

Masterpieces in the collection of the Cathedral Museum at Wawel Hill in Kraków // Chefs-d'œuvre de la collection du Musée de la cathédrale de Wawel à Cracovie
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Funeral regalia of Sigismund II Augustus by Anonymous from Poland, ca. 1574, Muzeum Katedralne na Wawelu

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Chasuble established by Anna Jagiellon by Anonymous from Kraków or Warsaw (side fabric from Italy), ca. 1596 (PD-art/old), Muzeum Katedralne na Wawelu

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Pearl rationale of Kraków bishops with emblems of Poland and Hungary founded by Queen Jadwiga by Anonymous from Kraków, 1384-1386, Muzeum Katedralne na Wawelu, rationale might have been Jadwiga's coronation votive offering

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Ivory casket decorated with scenes from chanson de geste by Anonymous from Paris, second quarter of 14th century, Muzeum Katedralne na Wawelu, possibly belonging to Queen Jadwiga, in the inventory of the Wawel cathedral of 1563, the casket was recorded as a storage box for relic of various saints

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Detail of a chasuble established by Stephen Báthory by Anonymous from Kraków (fabric from Florence), 1570s, Muzeum Katedralne na Wawelu

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Detail of a chasuble of Cardinal George Radziwill (1556-1600) by Anonymous from Italy, 1591-1600, Muzeum Katedralne na Wawelu

Copy of the Holy Lance (Spear of Saint Maurice) by Anonymous from Germany, before 1000, Muzeum Katedralne na Wawelu, given to Boleslaus the Brave by Emperor Otto III in 1000

Hood of a coronation mantle of Michael Korybut Wiśniowiecki by Sebastian Brożek, Grzegorz Wojciech Lang and Jan Ritger, 1669-1670, Muzeum Katedralne na Wawelu

Funeral regalia of Anna Jagiellon by Anonymous from Poland, ca. 1596, Muzeum Katedralne na Wawelu

The so-called Cathedral House at the Wawel Hill was made up from two 14th century buildings built in the time of Casimir the Great