A beautiful city of Poznań. Always busy and always welcoming :)
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an old church with two steeples and a cross on the front
Kościół św. Wojciecha
an aerial view of some buildings and trees
Park Wilsona
a large building sitting next to a body of water
Nowe zoo - słoniarnia
many cactus plants with yellow flowers on them
Palmiarnia Poznańska
the building has a very tall tower on it's side
Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie
a statue of a man holding a bicycle on a cobblestone street
Pomnik Starego Marycha
an old church with people walking around it
Kościół św. Marcina
two cars parked in front of an old church
Kościół Bernardynów
a statue is in the middle of a courtyard
Muzeum etnograficzne
an old white church with a clock tower
Kościół Wszystkich Świętych
a fountain in front of a building with arches
Fontanna Prozerpiny :)
there is a statue in front of a clock tower
Fontanna Marsa - Stary Rynek
an aerial view of old buildings in the city
Old Market Square
people are walking around in front of some old buildings with white awnings on the roof
Pałac Działyńskich
a tall building with a clock on the side of it's face next to other buildings
Muzeum archeologiczne