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Rikke Hat
Nice simple knitting pattern.
Ravelry: Stillness Of Winter Slouch Hat pattern by Lara Simonson
mümkünse içindekiyle birlikte ehuehueheuheuh ^^
knitted pixie hat. instructions in Spanish
Beautiful lace baby bonnets by littlepineoutfitters. Left to right, smallest to largest: horseshoe lace, trefoil eyelet lace, bubblewrap stitch [how to:], horseshoe lace again. Adorable!!
Baby Hat / Knitting Pattern Instructions in от LittleFrenchKnits
The Seeds & Purls Beanie Hat has beautiful details. The seed stitch provides a delicate texture. Plus, a few bands of purls add subtle definition to highlight the texture. Even the crown decreases add a beautiful touch. It’s made with ultra soft superwash merino wool for a cozy feel. This pattern is easy to knit up, and will make a great gift or addition to your wardrobe.