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a person holding up an open book with pictures on it and plants in the background
a drawing of a potted plant is held up in front of a table with pens and markers
Mariya Suzuki
a hand holding up a piece of paper with drawings on it in front of a building
a laptop with graffiti on it sitting on a table
Ashley Wood - Three A
an ink drawing of clothes hanging on the line above a man looking through a window
a drawing of a tiger in the middle of a room with people sitting at tables
©Kim Jung Gi
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an open book with red ink drawings on the pages and in it's corner
an open book with drawings and pictures of women in native clothing, including fish, necklaces, and earrings
cy-lindric — New watercolours, new sketchbook
four different pictures are shown in the same book, each with an image of two people standing
an image of people in different colors and sizes on a piece of paper that is collaged together
an open book with red and black drawings on it's cover, featuring two women
Sketchbook 01
Sketchbook 01 on Behance
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