The girls of the Spiderman by Paulo Siqueira by tony058 on DeviantArt

Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane Watson & The Black Cat (Felicia Hardy) The Ladies of Spider-Man.

@deviantART Picks: Week of 10/06/2013 | Images Unplugged

New Print rolling out for future conventions! Drawing and colored By I: Corey Knaebel Photoshop and Intous 3 tablet

The output of his works are mostly digital. It’s a mixture of two different mediums. Photography and Painting. He makes his own textures, scans them, shoots his own photos then mixes them in photoshop.

Stunning selection of mixed media artworks by visual artist Januz Miralles who combines photo manipulation with traditional painting.

Headphones Artur Sikorski

Headphones Artur Sikorski