Just Potato

Just Potato

I love Arctic Monkeys. Everyone who loves them too is my family and I will protect him/her to last drop of blood in my vains. Just in case lmao
Just Potato
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Leszno. Kamienica nr 19. Elewacja frontowa, stan z 1976 r. (fot. R. Kanikowski, AWUOZL)

Kamienica nr Elewacja frontowa, stan z 1976 r.

Marvel Dc Comics, Sebastian Stan, Heroes

Rainbow Loki by DKettchen

Rainbow Loki Casual reminder that Loki is canonically genderfluid and bi xD (to be confirmed in the movies, but like, the Lady Loki era, which started his journey in the comics, was post ragnarok as well :P and in the movies neither his sexual.