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Cismigiu Garden in Bucharest

Cismigiu Garden in Bucharest -not as scarry as it looks

romania danube canyon iron gates cazanele dunarii portile de fier carpathian mountains

Danube canyon (Cheile Dunarii) – largest canyon of the Danube river in Europe

Xenofon Street, Bucharest, Romania

‘Thanks to’ Ceausescu you wouldn’t say so, but Bucharest is build on hills. The only stair-street in the Romanian capital, the Xenofon street, is now painted by Eva Radu and media agency Initiative.

Top Five Most Charming Tea Houses in Bucharest

Part of the city’s urban culture, these tea houses in Bucharest are excellent places for warming up in winters and cooling down in hot summer days.

ORADEA is in the western region of Romania, very close to Hungary. It was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire for several centuries leading up to World War I, and it was during that time that the bulk of the city was built up in the beautiful Baroque and Art Nouveau styles. Now, it is a very important cultural and educational center, and is worth a visit for many reasons, from the architecture, to the history, to the luxurious spas right outside the city.

Even though this list has just 10 cities, the list of reasons to visit Romania literally doesn't end.

ASTRA National Museum Complex, the second-largest outdoor museum in the world. Sibiu, Romania

ASTRA National Museum Complex, the second-largest outdoor museum in the world.

Top Open-Air Museums in Romania You Should Visit

We hope that our top open-air museums in Romania guide we’ll make you curious to visit as many as possible as each and single one of them is a must-see.