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Paweł Seńczuk

Paweł Seńczuk
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My mom thought I drew when I posted this on Instagram...

"It was snowing and it was 21 degrees outside. His eyes and nose were red, he was barely standing, and there was blood in his hair. But he smiled for my sake.

Ian being a cutie he is :3

He is funny but short tempered. He gets annoyed easily and hates when girls always try to flirt with him. He is one of the most popular guys in school. He keeps to himself and has certain people he is friends with.

How much I loved with u.u Naver don't know that.if I can brake my heart then u must see that ! It's coming from heaven ! Still I throw lot of purpose only about u.please try to understand me

it feels like fo-freaking-ever since i’ve sketched anything like this and it feels so weird D: i feel like i’ve forgotten what it feels like to draw for fun, need to come back to that as soon as possible. So here’s older Ben Wilson for you and me.