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Yona of the dawn- Hak and Yona

howl's moving castle

Imagem de howl's moving castle, Howl, and ghibli

Grell from Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) | Shibuki Leo - WorldCosplay

Grell cosplay (Black Butler) by Shibuki Leo

amazing fairy tail cosplay | Natsu, Fairy Tail Cosplay by ~firecloak on deviantART

Amazing Natsu from Fairy Tail cosplay.

one punch man cosplay

Saitama & Genos Cosplay [ One Punch man ]

this cosplay is prolly the best naruto one ive seen in a while~ i could probably pull that off w makeup & money

Naruto Uzumaki Cosplay (eating ramen =D)

Holy crap she looks just like her

A science exhibition in a mall in Japan had an Android 18 (from Dragon Ball Z) replica inside a capsule that would move its eyes if anyone got too close.

Lucy cosplay @Nicola Pearce Pearce Pearce Pearce Pearce Shout we should start planning for anime bonzaii :)

Lucy Heartfilia cosplay from Fairy Tail

I think she's a girl..But he definitely looks like Sasuke! love it! ^_^ <--- No its definitely a guy... like seriously dude...

Cosplay - Uchiha Sasuke from Naruto

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