So pretty!! fadeddreamss sketch by on @deviantART

sketch for fadeddreamss uploaded as an example for sketch commissions fadeddreamss sketch

#weiblich #Krieger

Artistic Rendition of our favourite Targaryen - Um, no. That's Ciri, from the Witcher 3 - ummm that's Aelin/Caelena from Throne Of Glass.

Hechicera Legend of the cryptids

Legend of the Cryptids Artist: Unknown name aka Puppet 12345 - Title: Unknown - Card: Dinah, Dancing with Death

Willow Hand by Emma Tempest #inspiration #photography                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Willow Hand ( photographed by Emma Tempest ( for Vogue Japan April 2016 ( Fashion Editor/Stylist: Celia Azoulay ( Hair Stylist: Karin Bigler ( Makeup Artist: Maxine Leonard ( Nails: Trish Lomax ( Agencies: by flawlessmagazine

NGW Commission by on @deviantART

The two most opposite of races as teammates, god how cocky the Castanic Males are.

blond by avvart on DeviantArt

This is how I imagine Valla Moonring, except with blue-black dragon wings.) (blond by avvart on DeviantArt) Celaena or Morrigan


So, we have shared the cool and learning tutorials to doubtful question, how to draw cartoon characters step by step. Hope you enjoyed and would practice yo

Kai Raihoshi by ~omupied on deviantART #portrait

Blaziel inspiration (wrong eye color) Kai Raihoshi by *omupied on deviantART