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(DIY Decor) Grass Broom Textured Walls This makes me think of many different things that can be used for this purpose. Like this idea a lot. It could be done on only one wall for a pop of design.

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Save the bottles from your favorite vintages and turn them into DIY wine bottle lamps.

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Use old negatives, Mod Podge to a glass candle holder or lamp. Such a cool idea!

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You can create a lovely vase for your flower using a simple glass and balloons. Choose the color you will wa .

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May try with coffee can, i have a ton of those. beautiful DIY idea , an old paint can to pebble planter.This would make a great house warming gift as well.

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Paint the blades for a rainbow effect when you turn it on! i would love this for a kids room.the only thing i would change is i would paint the entire fan a different color.i dont like it white

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DIY Chocolate Strawberry Cream Desert food diy crafts food crafts home crafts diy food diy deserts diy recipes diy desert recipe crafts, my boyfriend made me these one time there so cute and delicious

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Repurpose an old rake into a wine glass holder! Could spray paint a cool color for a more modern vs. rustic look. what yall think about coffee cups? I am definitely making one of these!

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