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endrae: “I haven’t drawn anything for weeks and everything looks horrible, but I managed to doodle some tevinter fashionn!

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Geez guys, I agree with very few things that Vivienne says, but you gotta understand she's been in the game for a VERY LONG time

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hashtag-sarahsart: “And here we have a DAI tarot card esque rendition of my fave, Evelyn Hawke, shes been a nice in between commissions project.


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nuitingale: ““Zevran. (click for slightly better resolution) ” ”

nuitingale: ““Zevran. (click for slightly better resolution) ” ”

Writing World - You should draw more cassandra! You draw her...

Anonymous said: You should draw more cassandra! You draw her beautifully 😭 Answer: Thank you! ❤️ Here is a Cass