Apolonia Kapuśniak

Apolonia Kapuśniak

Apolonia Kapuśniak
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The Stars are Against Me Tonight - Dan ah Kim

The Stars Are Against Me Tonight by Dan-ah Kim Print of an original illustration made with gouache and ink on paper.

mãe, deixas-me ir à lua?

this reminds me of the italo calvino short story from cosmicomics where the characters would row out to sea, and use a ladder to climb to the moon to gather "moon milk". This story gave me that strangest dreams.

https://www.etsy.com/listing/169809037/trampoline - Jillian Nickell

Armadillos on a trampoline! 4 colors on 10 x 20 french cream paper. *Please note* The 4 color print refer to the 4 colors of pink used to print the image. This print does not come in any other color variations.