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The Doctors

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Dr. Peper’s real joy of and satisfaction in meeting and treating patients shows. He thrives on interacting daily on a personal level with patients while utilizing both his engineering and artistic talents in dentistry. Alexandria Old Town Dental

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Our entire team focuses on giving our patients the best care at reasonable fees. Rejuvenating smiles and restoring oral health is our mission. By respecting your needs and expectations, significantly enhancing comfort and providing comprehensive expertise, we are able to help patients realize their smile and oral health goals and dreams.

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Dr. Anh-Minh Phan was destined for a career in the medical field. At the early age of six, she carried around a first-aid kit she put together all by herself. She has been practicing dentistry now for nearly 20 years. Alexandria Old Town Dental

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Dr. Goldhush’s patients especially like that she is a good listener. She truly enjoys getting to know both her patients and their families. She feels it is important to work closely with her patient to come up with a realistic approach to treatment that is comfortable for both patient and dentist to achieve the best results. Alexandria Old Town Dental

Dr. Longman’s compassion for his patients and keen eye on keeping up with the latest dental technology are what patients and staff appreciate most about him. Getting to know patients and treating them with the most effective cosmetic and restorative methods are what sets Dr. Longman’s successful 40-year-old practice apart from others.

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